My Blonde Hottie Of A Teacher

My Blonde Hottie Of A Teacher

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Lucy Heartfilia By LucyFireNeel Updated 4 days ago

Natsu Dragneel was the #1 jock playboy of Fairy Tail Academy who only thought about playing basketball along with fucking every girl that interested him.

Lucy Heartfilia is a new teacher at Fairy Tail Academy with long blonde hair, big boobs, and a curvy body. 

She catches the eyes of her male students and the male teachers at Fairy Tail Academy especially, the #1 playboy himself.

However, Lucy is hiding a secret addiction about herself what happens when she meets the playboy Natsu Dragneel?

What will happen between the teacher and the playboy?

Will Lucy's addiction be put to the test?

Will love happen between the two?

You'll have to read to find out the answer to these questions and more

Disclaimer: This story will have strong language along with strong lemons 

If you're not into this kind of stuff I advise you NOT to read it because, curiosity killed the cat!

*Coming soon in either August or September*

hes supposed to end up with wendy so dont make him a playboy
Braydon711 Braydon711 4 days ago
You're dead 💀 meat even if I'm a guy I have to stand up for all the women in the world
I think I'm having an infinity nosebleed... SOMEONE GIVE ME SOME TISSUES PLZ!!!
Natsu but the title "INTERNATIONAL PLAYBOI" is taken.Sorry bro.
Well at least she gets a break I bet she hates betting all those HATE comments on the ones where she is a bitch
leahtigger7 leahtigger7 Aug 14
That's something I would react to if I see a spider 🕷 😂🤣