Alive |BTS Fanfiction| COMPLETED

Alive |BTS Fanfiction| COMPLETED

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マウラ By loudestminds- Completed

Death isn't evil. Just like how life isn't good.

They aren't on two opposing sides. 

They move and exist together. As one. Life is the breath you breathe in. Death is the breath you breathe out. 

They can't exist without each other. 

And yet...

They can't exist with each other.

That's why we can never fall in love.


"I'm--I'm not human, Aera. I'm not like you," he whispered. "I'm death."

"No, Jimin," I replied, just as quietly. "You're my life."

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Am I the only one that whenever I read the word "park" 
                              The sudden image of Jimin's face plastered all over a park appears in your head?
This just reminded me of my cousin who dressed up as an emo and kept saying "DEATHH...."
KaciKuang KaciKuang Apr 24
What does love have to do with this? I thought we were talking about death