Dragon's Protector (Akatsuki no Yona fanfic)

Dragon's Protector (Akatsuki no Yona fanfic)

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◽ Winnie ◽ By windiflur Updated Dec 26, 2016

"Eh, why are you so strong Isamu??" 

"Don't worry Saya, I bet you'll grow up to become even stronger than me one day."

"How do you know?"

"Well, you wanna protect the ones you care for, right Saya?"


Four Dragon Warriors. 
Special people who were greatly known among the human race. Being respected and worshiped, practically gods. But there was one person, a person who was essential to the legend of the dragons. No one ever thought of there possibly being a protector. Besides, why would the legendary Dragon Warriors need a mere protector? It was simply pointless. 

However, maybe it wasn't so pointless. Maybe in the near future a protector would be needed? One certain girl would soon have a heavy burden to carry. . . 


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[Akatsuki no Yona belong to Mizuho Kusanagi.]


Also, beautiful cover made by @candlelights-

BlueKanClover BlueKanClover Jun 25, 2016
Oh, wow. This is very nice, her description is very clean and detailed, her occupation is very strange, but it's is very important. I'm really looking forward to reading the first chapter. :D
CharTime CharTime Jul 23, 2016
If only people like this existed I would be a satisfied human.... Oh well XD