The Bride He Left At The Altar

The Bride He Left At The Altar

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Fateema By fateex Completed

Anna Lancaster's life was finally perfect.She was getting married to the love of her life Callum Worthy, who she was sure she would spend the rest of her life with and she had gotten her dream job in a prestigious publishing company. Everything was perfect until he did one of the most unforgiveable things he could have ever done to her he left her at the altar in front of thousands of guests including her family and friends.

Follow Anna as she has to face the world after being dumped at the altar.Will she able to face the heart break and humiliation or will it bury her alive?

Cover by @zeerubutu

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https-allen https-allen Nov 21, 2017
Well im sure he isn’t worth it
                              😂😂get it??!!
                              No?.....mkay I’ll be on my way
wait did she call Callum daddy or her dad daddy?? cuz if it was callum daddy whoooo she would have been dead
So is the groom there at the church. The dress sound beautiful
SmitaMaheshwari SmitaMaheshwari Oct 10, 2017
reading your story...the title of the book got me interested as it is the plot of my book AT CROSSROADS...
_AWriterAtHeart_ _AWriterAtHeart_ Jun 27, 2016
Intresting enough! The title really had me wanting to read your book, however, I noticed several grammer mistakes, such as no periods where there should be, as well as many other stuff, which can be annoying, if your a reader. I would maybe edit this a few times.
FandomDonuts FandomDonuts Jul 21, 2016
Oh wow Umm never happened but imma gonna read the story anyways as I liked the description very much