Which??? Itanaru and sasunaru love story

Which??? Itanaru and sasunaru love story

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"You could get hurt" naruto says clinching his fists while crying.

Itachi was sitting on his bed watching Naruto pace around his room. felling guilty he looked down he hated seeing the blond cry, looking so broken. 

"I already excepted the mission" itachi says feeling the urge to cough but holded it back knowing it made the blond worried.

"I-I could go in y-your p-place" naruto says stumbling over his words do to the tears. 

"No" itachi says shaking his head, starting to get frustrated. 

"And Why not" Naruto's says crying even more 

"Why do you even care" itachi slightly yells, putting he's head in his hands. The want to cough burning his throat.

"Your so blind" naruto mumbles 

"What" itachi says not hearing him. 

"I care because I-I lov...." He started but was cut off by Itachi coughing. 

Looking over he visibly pales seeing itachi with blood around his mouth and smeared on his hands.  

Naruto quickly runs kneeing in front of him. 

Itachi looks down suppprised at how fast the boy got to him.

"I hate seeing you like this, in so much pain" naruto says looking at him tears starting to spill again. 

"If I could I would take all this pain from you" he continues raising a trembling hand to itachi's  mouth. 

"trade places with you" he adds using his thumb to whip away the blood from around itachi's  mouth. 

Itachi grabs that hand pulling naruto to his chest. "I wouldn't want you to" he says, "never" he continued holding Naruto tighter. 

AN: hello so this is my first fan fiction or book so  I update when ever.. I'm in love with itanaru and sasunaru and this story will have both 

I don't own naruto the owner is Masashi Kishimoto......  I'm just a crazy fan girl writing about my fav anima I also don't own the pictures in this book. If you don't like boyXboy don't read

And am I the only one that thinks 3rd person is hard

AshTinCan AshTinCan Sep 09, 2016
If u think about it, it makes sense for Naruto to be older than Sasuke because he failed the test two times before passing