The Ro'meave Sister [MCD Fanfic] ✔︎

The Ro'meave Sister [MCD Fanfic] ✔︎

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conceal (v): the act of keeping something a secret, to protect from being known or noticed. 

Cassie is Vylad's secret twin sister, handed over to Hyria at birth, to prevent from being discovered by Lord Garte of O'khasis. She travels to O'khasis against Hyria's will and joins the Jury of Nine, meets Ivy, a spunky pink-haired girl with a bit too much sass. She also meets Jasper, whom she'd rather not talk about. 

As one mission leads to another, and more people get involved in Cassie's life, one more secret gets unfolded, and she begins to wonder more and more about her past--and if she can flee it before it catches up to her. 

{not an x reader}

[i only own cassie and jasper, and maybe a few other characters i might add in. all rights, characters, settings, ideas, etc. belong to jess/aphmau ( @Empress_Aphmau )]

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SerenaRoMaeveZvahl SerenaRoMaeveZvahl Sep 22, 2017
Sorry if I'm being mean, but the spelling of Ru'uan of yours is wrong, The right spelling is Ru'ran.
RightHandTrash RightHandTrash Aug 23, 2016
Imma just say it right now, what's the point of x Reader if you can't use your own name?
AphmauLoverLost2 AphmauLoverLost2 Aug 14, 2016
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