Her Patience,Her Virtue.||Completed||EDITING.||

Her Patience,Her Virtue.||Completed||EDITING.||

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Asma'u Abbakar By Asmaaah__ Completed

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His words rang through every corner of her ears, it was so agonizing and rankling. Was that really Her Faysal? Her habiby? Her Yaya?The only source to her joy.

What happened to "Its just you and I forever?" What was her fault for which such cruel punishment was about to be muted on her?

She wiped her tears as soon as her mothers words came gushing
"Patience as they say is a virtue and the best things in life are worth waiting for".

We would all want to know the reason behind such pain and agony right?

Follow me as we journey through the life of Sameerah, a woman who had to face a lot of cruel things in life right from a tender age.

Does she overcome them with patience and virtue or does she allow her soul become the devils workshop?

Her Patience,Her Virtue.

A must read!

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