"We Got Married" (Completed)

"We Got Married" (Completed)

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Anne loves herself more than anyone. She’s beautiful, cute, sexy, rich, gorgeous..... Everything that a woman would be jealous and everything that a guy would want to find in a woman. Many men dream to be her man, but no one of them captured her heart exept her friend 7 years ago.. She prefers to have a man who will be a perfect match for her and she already imprinted on her heart that the perfect man for her is the one who always save her and protects her - Drew.....


Pero hindi ata mangyayari yun. She has been informed by her mother that she will be married soon. They told her she was 5 years old ng na- engage sila..... she is already 19 years old. Old enough to understand everything. But that’s only what her parents thought.


She then met the man. The man who never fails to make her blush, and at the same time make her heart beat fast. Faster than Drew can.


“......Bakit ganun? Bakit kaya nya patahimikin ang mundo ko? Ano to?" Nag-isip "Arrgg!!!.... napakalaking joke.” She sarcasticly screamed.

JOKE nga ba o LOVE na yun?

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