Mettaton x Reader: King Mettaton

Mettaton x Reader: King Mettaton

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Computery Guy By NeonBolt Updated Nov 20

Your life has changed dramatically.
After falling down into the unknown, you meet a mysterious man who claims to be the king of a strange Undergound land.
Your one goal is to escape and return to your home on the surface world, but things aren't so easy. 
The king is a man so full of himself; someone you surly couldn't like. 
But as you venture with him, you realize how good his heart is. 
How you learn to share your love with him as he helps you escape.
For he is the king. 

He is King Mettaton.

(Undertale belongs to Toby Fox. All art belongs to their rightful artists and not myself)

NeonBolt NeonBolt Aug 07
to make this clear, I know that Asriel did not kill Chara, but this is what the humans presumed. Carry on.
Also, your profile made me laugh 
                              "Currently lost in a sea of undertale trash" *Follows you instantly*
It's great!
                              Hope you continue it. 
                              Expect likes from me and comments to fill you with DETERMINATION