Like Ghosts in the Snow (Frerard)

Like Ghosts in the Snow (Frerard)

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Oh, how wrong we were to think that immortality meant never dying.

The most frustrating thing Gerard knew of at the time was being late to work and missing the morning coffee in the teacher's lounge.
That was all before he fell in love with a guy and everybody he knew told him that he didn't exist, when he so obviously, really, did. It makes sense that nobody would believe him, though. Given the circumstances.
Now, that's really frustrating.

CasnotCass CasnotCass 11 hours ago
Okay my life even though I'm still a failure artist in highschool
The image of Gerard scooting under a fence on his back is really funny for some reason
icycupcake5 icycupcake5 6 hours ago
That's always what I think of when I see Frank, like he's just the coolest motherfùcker around and I'm here lame as shít
My smol vegan soul is excited
                              Wait Nevermind, I don't have a soul. Oops!
shipslikeamailman shipslikeamailman 6 days ago
I was born on the first day of 'Dia De Los Muertos' or 'Day Of The Dead' in English