My heart belongs to you [ The Betrayal Knows My Name Fanfic]

My heart belongs to you [ The Betrayal Knows My Name Fanfic]

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Monkey D. Hime By Hime_chan10 Updated Jun 26, 2016

Luka Crosszeria is a powerful demon that served the demon king. He met a beautiful woman name Yuki but fell in love with her younger sister Yuri. He became devoted to Yuri and only want what is best for her thus becoming a traitor of his own species and joining the Giou Clan as their ally. Sadly, a battle occurred which seperated them and since then protected Yuri from the shadows until it's time for them to meet again. 

Yuri Sakurai is the younger twin sister of Yuki Sakurai. She loves her big brother so much and would do anything to make him happy. They are close to one another ever since their mother left them at the orphanage. Yuri has a unique power that she doesn't know about which is to see the good in everything and make the world a better place by changing the bad to good. 

When danger strikes towards Yuri one day at school, she meets Luka where her adventures soon begins. 

I do not own the characters of this story.
I only own Yuri and the book cover.

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