kidnapped - marichat au

kidnapped - marichat au

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crippling anxiety By its_nusa_obviously Completed

"You know, victims are not afraid of their kidnappers. They are afraid of what kidnappers may do to them. People aren't afraid of other people, you see, they are simply afraid of pain, and fear is the thing that leads to it, my dear princess,"

"Y-You want me t-to not be a-afraid?"

"No. I want you to be mine,"

Cover and the idea belong to me. Please don't steal it.
Don't read, it sucks

Started: 2.7.2016
Finished: 17.8.2016

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-sad back round music-  tell them that ur ok because if u dont the well never understand
You got that right, I AM a horny bastard - and I'm proud to be 🌚
Pfft- I don’t need holy water, I’ve been through enough of the sins. I’m basically immune to it 😎
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*takes a sip of hot chocolate* *everyone stares* wut..? This is my 'holy water' more like hot water XD, I love hot chocolate I just needed the taste know *drinks some holy water* ahh... Ok I am ok know I will continue
Wow. Im honoured to be a horny bastard, now let me get my beverage before we start this... *grabs a 4L jug of holy water* Okay and lets get this show on the road