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Mature Content ahead! Be warned!

"Yessss! fucking close.....ah!...."she screamed while panting hard and pulling his hair harder.

She could sense his smirk on her pussy as he began to slow down his pace

"Manik don't you fucking dare and stop. I swear to god-"she screamed and shut up when she felt a hard spanking on her pussy.
"Baby do I need to remind you that I am the one who is in control tonight...weren't you the one who was begging to be tied up to the bed and wanted to be played with. So now shut the fuck up and let me eat you!" He said....his dominating aura was very powerful.
"Yeah well you've not let me fucking come once since the past tow and a fucking half hours..."she said 
"Yeah...remember how you come over the edge every single time but you can't come..."he said chucking
" jack ass you fucking piece of ----ah!"he slapped her pussy hard again and went and kissed her hard.

"Watch't forget whose in control baby. I can keep you over the edge for days...I know this part of your body way better than you. I know your limits and I know how much can take...WAY fucking better than you do. Now you don't want to get into even more trouble than you are In just because your smart mouth doesn't have a filter. Does it?" He said his deep husky voice.
 Nanz knew that was true
"Oh really?well isn't it a shame that The Manik Malhotra couldn't make  a women come once in 2 fucking hours" she knew what she said was no where true...there was no one on this planet better than him...but she knew what she just said would hit his nerve.
His jaw clenched but after a moment he smirked..."I know what you're tryin to do baby ... You've got this on yourself..don't blame what happens next on me."

Read on to know what happens next. ;)

This book is a dark romance and everything is not going to be Sweet and nice.
So be prepared.

Ashkiks Ashkiks Dec 12, 2016
Never mind straight guy I want me some of that pls www sounds devily combined with heavenly delicious goods that cant be good for anyone's health lol
Ashkiks Ashkiks Dec 12, 2016
say what every guys dream gal ok as long as not in Manik's dream if u know what i mean  hahah hehehe
Janvi99 Janvi99 Jul 16, 2016
Heyy character sketch is amazing.  I m looking forward to read chp 1 . Of course yaar u should continue this . And don't worry about response u r new here .. so first response will be less but then it will increase.  So please continue and give chp 1 as soon as possible♡♡♥♥♥♥
Aaska5 Aaska5 Jul 16, 2016
Hii, interesting concept...
                              Characters are awesome...
                              Waiting Eagerly for 1st part...
                              Don't worry about response it will surely come...Continue soon...💕
Ashkiks Ashkiks Dec 12, 2016
wuw Deadly comb and may I feisty these two together they can set the world on fire
Ashkiks Ashkiks Dec 12, 2016
and may i add on huh gal u got me drooling and dribbling already i need a bib hehehe