The First and The Last (A Creepypasta X Reader)

The First and The Last (A Creepypasta X Reader)

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CaitCat By reastabc Updated Sep 16, 2017

This is a story about Slenderman's first proxy. Now, of course, this story must start at the beginning, when he first meets you. Set in the 1800s, you meet Slenderman after running away from some men and into the nearby forest.

     After about 200 years, when Masky, Hoodie, and Toby are his proxies, he assigns them a difficult task. A task to find this "runaway proxy" and bring her back. But when they do, they realize they've got a very, very hard decision to make, and...well, I wouldn't want to ruin the plot.

This story is told in 3rd person, meaning it's narrated by a narrator.

      Also, I want to thank @Taylor_loveDun for helping me out with this book!

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                              If I comment anything, it’s my reaction to the story, and I NEVER mean to be offensive to the author.
                              Just to let you know.
- - Jun 08, 2017
Brooklyn (Nu.I'm not telling u my last name)
                              Dark,Dull,Metallic colors
                              Short and curly
deegeehello deegeehello Jun 16, 2017
Y/N =Chloe
                               F/C =Silver ,white and black
                                H/C = Brown
                              H/L=long and curly
The_Waffle_otaku_ The_Waffle_otaku_ Dec 18, 2017
                              F/C-Mint,Black,Gold, And Blush!
                              H/L-Short puffy hair with bangs(like frisk from undertale)
Okay I got this.......
                              Y/n- Bella 
                              F/c- Black, pastel colors, blue, aqua teal
                              H/c- Black w/ a few blue tips
                              H/l- About.....10 inches away from the shoulder 
HornetPrime790 HornetPrime790 Oct 16, 2017
Y/N = Brittany
                              F/C = Aqua Green
                              H/C = Platinum Blonde
                              H/L = Almost to ankles (Long)