Aaron x Reader                                                {A Mystreet Story}

Aaron x Reader {A Mystreet Story}

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Trash :) By moonlight398 Updated Aug 25

You have just moved into mystreet, Aaron has not asked Aphmau to be his girlfriend yet... She is pretty sure Aaron is going to ask her soon, but will you get between that and have a better relationship with Aaron?
Or will you just fall down another hole of drama and break the relationship with Aphmau you already had?

Credits to: @XBubblegumPopperX for the cover!! Thanks again!!

  • aaron
  • aphmau
  • cadenza
  • dante
  • garroth
  • kaitlyn
  • kawaiichan
  • laurence
  • lucinda
  • mystreet
  • travis
  • xreader
  • zane
I'll have Dark black hair with white tips, and dark brown eyes
Female_Eren Female_Eren May 31
Name : Marie 
                              Dogs name: Ruby 
                              Favorite color: dark purple
                              Friends name: Trinity
FemaleOmega FemaleOmega Dec 11
Am I the only that thought it was Aphmau and picture Aphmau having a cat face on her face with her laying down
I may show potato with blond hair at the end and brown hair at the top part I'm a potato and my dog is a he and his name is Dave,  RIP Dave
I have light brown hair and I'm tall with green eyes........ reading that creeped me out so much
Imma change the coloe of my hair into Long Jet black  and Red with gold color eyes :D