Einstein's Theory of Love (girlxgirl)

Einstein's Theory of Love (girlxgirl)

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Lexi Figgle is seventeen years old. She's in her 8th foster care home and trying to make a good beginning to the school year. During fifth period history, a beautiful girl catches her eye. Only this girl isn't a girl. She's a woman. The worst part? It's her teacher, Mrs. Augustus.

Jazabelle Augustus is twenty eight years old, and a brand new wife. She's been a teacher for five years and none of her students ever caught her eye. Until she sees a cute nerdy girl sitting by the window in her fifth period class. It's not the fact that she has feelings for one of her students, it's the fact that it's a FEMALE student that disturbs her. She soon encounters Lexi many times outside the classroom. She can't seem to hide her feelings for long, but has to consider the impending dangers. Have an affair with her student? Risk her new marriage? Risk her job? Or find that she doesn't even like men at all?

Jazabelle learns that something is different about Lexi. Something paranormal, but yet she wants to make it work. Lexi has no problem with her magic touch everything can go her way until more problems arise.

SnapeLittleLioness SnapeLittleLioness Jul 24, 2017
yeah . and spagetti is straight at first until it wets 😂😂😂
poopieNic poopieNic May 02, 2017
I like it when students check their teachers out. I think it's cute. Gosh I'm so weird!
Dreamycake07 Dreamycake07 Aug 15, 2017
Was it the teacher she bumped just now? Mmnn..
                              Smart people is really attractive to me. Very. Hehe
Dreamycake07 Dreamycake07 Aug 15, 2017
Complimenting someone is normal whether you have the same gender or not and even if you are married now there is nothing wrong with what you think about her unless you made a ninja move. Hehe
Nyghtingale15 Nyghtingale15 Jul 15, 2016
I'm not sure how your contest went but I like the cover you ended up with :)
SeyfriedLover87 SeyfriedLover87 Sep 02, 2013
Things are progressing well between them. I love both characters, they seem to fit eachother perfectly :)