My 5 YANDERE Stalkers [Reverse Harem/ Yandere Boys]

My 5 YANDERE Stalkers [Reverse Harem/ Yandere Boys]

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Ashley Shane By LadyYandereShane Updated 4 days ago

A Yandere.

Hard enough to get away from.

Multiply that by 5.

Condolences, I'm gonna die.


Five of the school's most adored but unknown yanderes go after the same girl that managed to get under their skin.

A happy-go-lucky prince.

A lazy Albert Einstein reincarnation.

A quiet mystery.

and two childish prodigy twins.

•|• WARNING: Contains excessive amount of blood, gore, graphic description (in later chapters), inappropriate language and swearing (MC is a potty mouth). Do not read if you are uncomfortable with reading that. •|•

[A/N: This is not an XREADER fic btw, it's all my own characters. They've been too much XREADER fics in wattpad and I plan to make mine different. I own my characters, but I do not own any pictures or videos that I will use. Enjoy the story.]

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CuteLeaOtaku CuteLeaOtaku Apr 11, 2017
What's a reverse harem? I've heard of it before but I don't know what it is
muchlove9 muchlove9 Mar 13, 2017
does anyone understand what the cast members mean? I'm extremely confused oWo
- - Aug 10, 2017
The character descriptions lowkey reminds me of the host club, just yandere... it's probably the twins that make me think that...
xXKawaii_DreamerXx xXKawaii_DreamerXx Nov 13, 2016
Is it just me or the characters kinda represents some mystical messenger characters...😅😅
- - Dec 02, 2016
It's weird that this reminds me of Diabolik lovers and Ouran high school host club at the same time.
brave_skittles brave_skittles Oct 11, 2016
r5seven...carvalle... i wonder how authorchan came up with these names