Trapped ( Yandere Levi X Reader ) LEMON Book 2

Trapped ( Yandere Levi X Reader ) LEMON Book 2

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WARNING: Contains extreme Lemons and Swearing and all the bad stuff including Yandereness, if you know what I mean.

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During a sleepover, you decided to finally get "deflowered" by your best friend, Eren. On your way to his room to seduce him, you never knew you took a wrong turn, and ended up in the room of one of your Best Friend's couzin, Levi Ackerman. And yes, you got deflowered by him instead.

Let's just say that two years later, he wouldn't leave you alone until you were 'his' for eternity. He'll do anything... just to get you to stay with him for the rest of your life. The bastard would never let you leave.

And you are Trapped.

Modern AU. 

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YAY BLOOD!!! And guts, and gore.
                              My favourite things to read about
NOOO dont hurt meh baby Eren. Hes too kawaii for this world.
But i live in hell, so... Your telling him to be in hell with me and Lucifer? For those of you mortals that dont know, Lucifer is Satan, he just prefers to be called Lucifer. But god dammit, i have to go to a meeting with him tomorrow.  Ughhh, i dont have anything to wear.
I... I read this in public and I was drinking my coffee and once It got to the...  weird part, I had to hold back from spitting out my coffee... My friend glanced at my screen and she almost spit out her water...