Trapped ( Yandere Levi X Reader ) LEMON Book 2

Trapped ( Yandere Levi X Reader ) LEMON Book 2

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Ashley Shane By LadyYandereShane Completed

WARNING: Contains extreme Lemons and Swearing and all the bad stuff including Yandereness, if you know what I mean.

If you want to see more of Yandere Levi Lemons, check out ESCAPE on my profile!

During a sleepover, you decided to finally get "deflowered" by your best friend, Eren. On your way to his room to seduce him, you never knew you took a wrong turn, and ended up in the room of one of your Best Friend's couzin, Levi Ackerman. And yes, you got deflowered by him instead.

Let's just say that two years later, he wouldn't leave you alone until you were 'his' for eternity. He'll do anything... just to get you to stay with him for the rest of your life. The bastard would never let you leave.

And you are Trapped.

Modern AU. 

If you want to see more of these by me, check out my Profile for ESCAPE! It has a different storyline, but a Yandere Levi X Reader scenario still. Enjoy!

TheTwoStoryGirls TheTwoStoryGirls Dec 14, 2016
Nope more like afraid moths and pray mantis.....
                              I feel ashamed
dansetphilonfire dansetphilonfire Dec 15, 2016
_NoAnime_NoLife_ _NoAnime_NoLife_ Dec 29, 2016
Me:How are you?
                              Levi:Determind for you.👉👌☻
                              Me:Sorry talking to bob infront of me not you,you fuckin pedo -,-
Silent_Killer999 Silent_Killer999 6 days ago
For some odd reason it reminded me of Undertale on how Frisk managed to stack 30 hotdogs on their head, any undertale fans there?
Dancetale_Sans Dancetale_Sans Dec 09, 2016
Levi: *happy song plays* look at my horse, my horse is amazing!  Have a sniff of its mane
                              me: *monotone voice* it smells like raisins
dansetphilonfire dansetphilonfire Dec 14, 2016
Um I use my room 24/7 and that room holds personal stuff 😏😏