The Leader Of Gangsters

The Leader Of Gangsters

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Pauline Agaton By acenezy_ Updated Aug 01

Schandria Nicolette Villareal. A powerful lady. She changes moods according on what you have said. Sometimes pokerfaced, happy, and sometimes mad. Her attitude may twirl your mind. 

You can never mess with her or else you're dead.

So be careful, watch who you bump to.

Stephen Glean Villanueva. A boy who always wear a poker face but always gives people laughters.

How can destiny find a way for them?

You will regret everything. You can't escape fate. Knows you that.

                               -Glean Villanueva

P. S: Tagalog po itong story na ito.

P.P.S: Baliw po author nito.

P.P.P.S: Slow Update iz ril. Kaya pasensya na kung masyadong natatagalan ang UD.

Hey guys, kung okay lang. pakiread po ng stoy 😊
julianayna julianayna Oct 03, 2016
Englisherong Kokak. 😂 aniyo...Englisherong Quack quack. 😂....oops mianhe,ahem...pffft. 😂 k bye. 😂