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Mal and Ben ❤ By MalandBenlover1 Updated Jul 22, 2017

Mal Bartha a girl born in Aurardon. Has everything her little heart could heart could want exept the boy she's been secretly in love with her entire life. Ben Florian, her best friend since they were babies. One day Ben and Mal are hanging out at their favorite place; The Enchanted Lake. A green puff of smoke appeared out of nowhere when the smoke disappeared it revealed Maleficent. She took Ben the hand and pulled him towards her. "No! Leave him alone!" Mal shouted.

 Maleficent looked at her and smirked "What do i get in return, little girl?" Maleficent asked with a wide smirk on her face. She knows what's about to happen. Mal took a deep breathe in and walked closer "Take me just leave him here." The brave ten year old spoke. Maleficent put Ben back down and he ran over to Mal.  "Mal, don't do this!" He begged taking her hand "I have to, Ben. If anyone asks tell them that, I ran off and you thought I went back to my house." Mal spoke to him. 

"I-i can't lose you. Don't do this, you can just let her take me!" The young ten year old boy said. "No. You stay here and I'll go. Goodbye, Ben." Mal kissed his cheek and left with Maleficent.

Will destiny bring them back together? Will they forget about each other? Why did Mal do that? Why didn't Ben do more to stop her? All your questions will be answered  in 'From Good To Evil'! 


Began; Nov. 16, 2016


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Multi_Fandom_xx Multi_Fandom_xx Sep 24, 2017
I've never really been a fan of Harry, yet one of my celeb crushes is Thomas...😂 I ship Bal but I Shil Domas 😊 Something is seriously wrong with me 😂😂
misuraikim misuraikim Nov 26, 2017
I like Harry, but I kinda like bal more. And I don't think he can be trusted. Besides Mal and Ben are cute together.
kashally kashally Sep 02, 2017
Mal and harry its the couple brought back to life (mal=dove harry=Thomas mal=harry=dove=T