To Kill a King

To Kill a King

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V By VaineLuchia Updated Sep 12, 2017

What can a slave girl do when she's but a pawn in a game of kings? Sent to infiltrate the enemy kingdom as the new bride of the King of Palandyre, Cinclair has only one goal in mind: the prize is her freedom, the price is his life, and the task is murder.

But the man she must kill ignites in her a fire she cannot quench, sends her blood racing with the first flash of his grin and the tilt of his brow, and it feels like a dagger in her gut to see him falling for a mask she wears and the lies she's spun, because one more day his passion grows means one less day that he may live. As stakes climb higher and the war drums pound louder outside the castle walls, the hour of his death draws unforgivably near.

But the heart cannot kill what the heart beats for... and her heart beats for his.

[ cover by @VaineLuchia ]

  • battle
  • betrayal
  • bloodshed
  • cinclair
  • deceit
  • deception
  • hate
  • kill
  • king
  • lies
  • love
  • mask
  • murder
  • passion
  • princess
  • queen
  • romance
  • royalty
  • slave
  • war
Scrumdiddlyumptious Scrumdiddlyumptious Apr 04, 2017
No woman. You should feel guilty. Your baby's been waiting for an update, she feels abandoned and utterly spiteful.
Lacrine_Sienna Lacrine_Sienna Feb 04, 2017
Lmao i've seen all the imgur covers and stuff XD Love them all
liaispunkstfu liaispunkstfu Feb 04, 2017
So excited to read! The blurb is awesome, I bet the story will be too ;)
marmar975 marmar975 Feb 13, 2017
I honestly need an update for PHIM!!! Please update soon, Neferu is fantastic and I need to find out what happens next
- - Dec 30, 2016
Oh my god, you updated!! *obsessive fangirling* XD
                              Please finish this and PHIM, they're so good! <3
_illuminating _illuminating Feb 04, 2017
the blurb was cool, intriguing. i'm looking forward to the story