Siblings and Septiplier

Siblings and Septiplier

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Gray BellaNight By Gray_11713 Updated Jul 16, 2016

CreativeDork and I have decided to make a book together.

That's it.


Read it.


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Sambam05 Sambam05 Apr 15
It literally took me at least two minutes to get that reference.
Dog890 Dog890 May 25
"The Snack That Smiles back, Sorry"
                              Me : GOLDFISH! *eats More Goldfish And reads On*
"Wet...Moist Lump" That Killed Me...😂😂😂😂😂😂
lynlana1 lynlana1 Jan 20
when it said the snack that smiled back I was drinking soda and mistakes were made... now my nose is burning.
Dauntlessgaming7653 Dauntlessgaming7653 Aug 03, 2016
I'm pretty sure your supposed to say, goldfish at the end. XD
Funny, you can always pull out his 
                              Funny jokes
                              (get your mind out of the gutter cx)