Siblings and Septiplier

Siblings and Septiplier

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Gray BellaNight By Gray_11713 Updated Jul 16, 2016

CreativeDork and I have decided to make a book together.

That's it.


Read it.


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When I read this a goldfish commercial came on the TV holy crap XD
- - Apr 15, 2017
It literally took me at least two minutes to get that reference.
Dog890 Dog890 May 25, 2017
"The Snack That Smiles back, Sorry"
                              Me : GOLDFISH! *eats More Goldfish And reads On*
Gorillaz-Bitch Gorillaz-Bitch Aug 23, 2017
"Wet...Moist Lump" That Killed Me...😂😂😂😂😂😂
lynlana1 lynlana1 Jan 20, 2017
when it said the snack that smiled back I was drinking soda and mistakes were made... now my nose is burning.
true_septiplier true_septiplier Jan 12, 2017
Funny, you can always pull out his 
                              Funny jokes
                              (get your mind out of the gutter cx)