Mafia in training

Mafia in training

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"I don't even know his name." I snapped at the man who has me tied up and a knife to my throat. He thought I was scared, I was far from it.

I was trained by the best, Braylon Taylor, the Mafia son.

In a swift a motion I had the man knocked out and the knife in between my feet. I began to saw away at the rope holding me hostage. 

I landed on the ground and jogged over to where the man put my gun. I walked out and began to shoot.


Rachel lee was introduced to the Mafia at a bad age. Unlike all the other Mafia kids, she wasn't raised into it, but raised away from it. 

Rachel is like a prize, once boss found out about her, her father Nile had no choice but to introduce her.

Braylon Taylor, raised a monster, raised to breath the Mafia. He was gonna be a boss, but before he could do that, he had one goal, it was to kill Rachel lee.

TRIGGER- this book may contain some content about cutting an suicide attempts. There will be death and blood in this book.
WARNING- this book is my fort Mafia book, my ideas have been stored away and then pushed into this book, so do not hate for its bad.

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