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Your P.O.V

I, (Y/n) (L/n), have been single for a long time. All because of one specific, stupid reason of mine. It was all because of him... Calvin. I kept my heart hidden, Just because of him. We met at kindergarten, And as soon as my eyes landed on his... I knew he was the one. It all started by the clichè standing up to the bullies act. After that, We went from strangers into close friends. But it ended there when I moved away to Canada. But I came back to Utah when I turned 13. Luckily, We also went to the same highschool, Which only made my feelings for him grow even stronger. And as soon as I was about to confess my feelings to him, Little did I know that things were about to get harder to get to His Bittersweet and Clueless Heart.

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MelodicMoon MelodicMoon Sep 14, 2017
                              2. I'm a black belt, shouldn't I be stronger? ;-;
MelodicMoon MelodicMoon Sep 14, 2017
I had to move to a completely different continent because of my dad's work. It was hard. We hope we can move back.
flareblue flareblue Mar 16
I'm not always a child in fanfictions but when I am I carry alcohol around, you know, just in case
Uni_The_Corn_ Uni_The_Corn_ Aug 18, 2017
I always think too deep about this stuff. 
                              What if he was covering up the fact that he loves her knowing that she wouldn't 
flareblue flareblue Mar 16
I can't help but wonder what this janitor experienced to make him use such strong language in a place where young children are
voara_ voara_ Apr 23, 2017
"Jordan do you really have to?" "Yes I do Jordan" oh lord...