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Danny phantom and Tokyo ghoul crossover

Danny phantom and Tokyo ghoul crossover

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explanation_mark By explanation_mark Updated Mar 21

So I posted a poll on wonder polls and put a bunch of crossovers options like 
Tokyo ghoul and black butler
Tokyo ghoul and ouran high host club
Tokyo ghoul and Harry potter
Tokyo ghoul and vampire knight
Tokyo ghoul and death note
And then as a joke I put Tokyo ghoul and Danny phantom but that one so... I guess I'll do it 

Real summary:

Ken kaneki is Danny's cousin and after kaneki is tortured everyone thinks it is a good idea to make him go to America and live there for a while. Danny's idiot parents accept. But how is kaneki going to hide the fact that he isn't human. And what will Danny do not that he has a white haired and blacked nailed cousin living, not only with him but in his room too. 

I think Sam will have the hots for kaneki and it will maybe be a samxkaneki

scrletfyre scrletfyre Jul 27, 2016
I expected kaneki's reaction more along the lines of "what the f? There is no such things as ghosts. But then again what do I know? I am some sort of half ghoul hybrid."
scrletfyre scrletfyre Jul 27, 2016
I died laughing when jack and Maddie attacked kaneki thinking that he was a ghost. I kind of feel sorry for him as I wonder what their reaction would be if they found out that kaneki is actually a ghoul?
scrletfyre scrletfyre Jul 27, 2016
Pour kaneki. Forced to eat human food only to make him sick to his stomach. I wonder when he is going to get some coffee to help tame is hunger pains?
Why are you surprised? Of course he speaks Japanese! He's from Japan! And obviously he learned to speak English too
scrletfyre scrletfyre Jul 27, 2016
No kaneki, you can't eat your half-ghost cousin! We have no clue what his flesh would do to your system! 
                              Besides I kind of like the thought of you two fighting side by side against both ghouls and ghosts alike!
Fistdantilus Fistdantilus Jul 21, 2016
Omg my favourite cartoon mixed with my favourite anime! This'll go well...........