Just a bet? |Kiingtong  AU|

Just a bet? |Kiingtong AU|

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Shoe By Mckayla_sue4913 Completed

"I dare you to break the weirdest girl in schools heart" he said then he looked at me with a sly grin waiting for an answer 
"It has to be more than just a dare" I said hesitantly tried to get out of the dare
"Fine then I bet you can't" he responded quickly 
"Deal" I said in defeat
Like seriously How hard could it be to break a weird girls heart!

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xbangtantrash xbangtantrash Apr 14, 2018
“Not today”
                              CHONG! JOJUN! BALS-
                              by twenty øne pilots
                              Oh okay that works too
Grainne715 Grainne715 Jun 20, 2017
I LOVE THIS SONG! Actually, all of the music mentioned in this chapter is awesome...
Kemohe Kemohe Sep 07, 2017
If this was me:
                              Person: We're over.
                              Me: *looks up from phone* cool. *looks back down to phone*
WarriorsBattle WarriorsBattle Jan 12, 2017
First of all leave those people.they are most likely the people that will get you arrested or get murdered in a movie.
MinMaid MinMaid Jan 02, 2017
Will actually has a sister but older than him and I'm imagining a 22 year old crying about monsters in the dark. It's weird.
Oh my god I thought all the way till the end that this chapter was from the girls point of view 😌