Red vs Blue x Reader (Taking Requests)

Red vs Blue x Reader (Taking Requests)

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J_fox11 By J_fox11 Updated 2 days ago

This is gonna be a series of RvB characters falling in love or already loving you, the lovely reader! 

Okay, you may or may not know, but I AM human. I make mistakes, so I apologize ahead of time if I screw something up. (Knowing me, I most likely will.)

Anyway, I hope you like these.
You can also leave a comment of who you want, I think I can probably handle most of the characters.

Bye! ^~^

J_fox11 J_fox11 a day ago
Oh my god! Don't make me choose!😖
                              There both equally adorable!
- - Jul 24, 2016
Yes I was slightly worried until it said that cabbose had help from church taking care of me while I was sick 
                              Adorable af tho