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Individual RWBY roleplay

Individual RWBY roleplay

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Fallen Angel By my-lie-in-april Updated a day ago

It's a individual roleplay for RWBY. I will allow smut and if you want a certain character just ask on the rule page. You can be a canon character or a OC and there will be not limit on how many characters you can have.

my OC is Aaron someone who looks weak but can carry 12 tons his sembalance makes him able to regenerate any damage done he can even regenerate from a nuke he is also extremly handsome
SniperOfAce SniperOfAce Mar 15
My oc is Ace Tuluna He is a bunny faunus and his semblance can make his speed and agility etc.Go up 3x He loves sweets and hates bitter things
Name: Karasu Branwen
                              Age: 19
                              E/C: Red
                              H/C: Black
                              Weapon: Glaive, Twin Pistols
                              Lineage: Born to Qrow Branwen and an Eagle Faunus, abandoned on the steps of Vacuos Shade academy.
                              Attire: Worn black jacket w/ hood. Sunglasses to cover his Faunus eyes, Denim jeans and combat boots
KlyntarKing KlyntarKing Mar 24
My OC is Crys Cobaltin. Has multiple personality disorder (more voices in his head). He is shy because of his more out if wack personalities he keeps in control. He wears a light gray beanie, white t shirt with a cobalt jacket, dark blue jeans, and black boots(pants aren't tucked into them).
Name: Ryder
                              Age: 19
                              Weapon: turrent that can also turn into a mechanical high tech buster sword.
                              Race: Faunus
                              What he wears: a black and white coat
My OC name is jack but they call him Halo and don't think he's over powered ok the shields are gone