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Individual RWBY roleplay

Individual RWBY roleplay

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Fallen Angel By my-lie-in-april Updated a day ago

It's a individual roleplay for RWBY. I will allow smut and if you want a certain character just ask on the rule page. You can be a canon character or a OC and there will be not limit on how many characters you can have.

I_Am_Zenith I_Am_Zenith Nov 20, 2016
"Well" Karl chuckles "why not? I believe the question is, why are you here?" Karl boops her on the nose.
Little-Miss-Shippers Little-Miss-Shippers Nov 20, 2016
"I-it's not what it looks like, Ruby and I were just playing tag around town
Minato-Rasphody Minato-Rasphody Nov 23, 2016
minato kept a straight face as he looked up at yang"the question is why are you here? 'ms underage'" minato said boredly
HaloODST10 HaloODST10 Feb 07
My OC name is jack but they call him Halo and don't think he's over powered ok the shields are gone
Rokentheneko Rokentheneko Dec 12, 2016
Do you liek Mudkips? Copy and paste to Save Mudkips everywhere
meowkittygirl45 meowkittygirl45 Dec 04, 2016
"I'm looking for my sister."Robyn says putting her thumbs together