Rejection's a Bitch

Rejection's a Bitch

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Gabbi By gabbilove Completed

"Since nobody cares to believe me I'm leaving this note. But I know it's just going to be in the trash as soon as you know I wrote it. But I don't care because I'm gone and you will never see me again. And if you do see me you better watch you're back because paybacks a bitch and I certainly will be the bitch that pays back all the shit you ever did to me. Hope you all have a shitty life and Vincent  I hope the fates will be cruel to you like you were to me. Mates are not supposed to be treated like I was. Happy Birthday Vincent, you deserve everything fate throws at you.

Love you all...not

Hunter Cheyenne Walker"

Hunter has been bullied since an early change, which she has no idea how the change happened so early. She is feed up with being anybody and every-bodies punching bag. On a normal day she found her was the soon to be alpha of the pack Vincent. How will she take it when the unexpected happened? Will she find the courage to leave or stay and finally stop the abuse? What will happen when she finds another thing unexpected?

Oh also who would name their daughter Hunter? Can someone tell me pls? :/
Bítch!!!Prick...Jerk!Go to hell
                              She doesn't need yah
                              Ur fûcked up
emogoth1 emogoth1 Nov 06
im just wondering y in every story the person treated like crap has the good cars every freaking time
For a poor life her parents still got her a veyron? makes no sense...
Oh yeah lets go around and tell fÛCKING strangers that may be worse then yo old pack ur whole life story TO A MOFO STRANGERS 😾
"Well I don't need an ugly 4ss attitude from a soon to be alpha you know what!? I'm out! I hate this place it gives me a disgusting and disgraceful feeling!" *walks out of the door* 
                              It should've been there 😂😂