Greedy | Chandler Riggs Gay |

Greedy | Chandler Riggs Gay |

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pretty rad By MrCamLutz Updated 10 hours ago

Chandler Riggs has a sensational night with Casey McIntyre, to which the man saw as a one-night stand. Chandler laid in bed the next morning wondering why he was leaving, and when the door shut, he wasn't ready to accept it.

Whether he faked being pregnant, stabbed himself in the eye, or even murdered the man's ex-girlfriend, he was going to do anything it took to have the love of his life, no matter how hard Casey tried to avoid him.

Chandler doesn't enjoy being abandoned, if he wants to keep you, you better let him.

he's a crazy brat but i already love him so much. bravo, kid, i'm proud of you for this!
PrinceAspen PrinceAspen Jun 26
the synopsis of this story gives me chills, especially with the cover