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Book 2: Belonging in the Naruto World

Book 2: Belonging in the Naruto World

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Simran By simsim7868 Completed

The Sequel to "Book 1: Where I Belong" . Serena had fallen into her favorite show Naruto, but before the plot even started! She went from being 14 in the real world to a 5 year old girl in the show. Serena found out her identity! That she's actually Serena Senju! Her mother is the Slug Queen Tsunade and her father is the Legendary Toad Sage Jiraiya. She traveled with them and trained. Now she's stronger than ever. She's coming back to the village. What happens when she meets Naruto again? What about meeting the whole gang, now? Watch how Serena returns and creates light in others lives.

river-ripple river-ripple Nov 14, 2015
Okay Same and Icha Icha have been added...
                              Should we be worried?...
                              Nah she will be fine!!!
Opinionizer Opinionizer Sep 08, 2015
is that Sena? from boku wa tomodachi ga sukinai or something something
Snowleopard21 Snowleopard21 Aug 21, 2015
I'm so glad there are other books. I read the first one and got sad cause I thought there wasn't a sequel. I really like this story. :)
AquaDasher AquaDasher Jun 13, 2015!Sigh...looks like I'll have to give Jiraiya a piece if my mind!
KazeHyuga KazeHyuga Jun 13, 2015
taijutsu does not include any handsign jutsu, mostly brute force