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Aarmau lemons

Aarmau lemons

40.1K Reads 272 Votes 8 Part Story
My account By kailyn_ships Updated Aug 04, 2016

Well this is a Aarmau lemons book and they are mostly going to be one shots

The way this story was written was awful. No periods, no paragraph break when someone new was speaking, no capitalization... this just ruined Aarmau Lemons for me...
Angie1082 Angie1082 Mar 10
Did anyone else see that there aren't any periods in the whole story? Or just me?
- - Sep 23, 2016
Hey guys it's me, Kailyn or Kailyn_ships or Kailyn_ships_writes, please go follow me on my new account there will be no more uploading on this one
CloudsAndAliens CloudsAndAliens Oct 11, 2016
Whenever I See Thrust I Think Of Steven Universe When Holo Pearl Yells "THRUST" And Proofs Pearl 😂🔫
Ilikebekfast Ilikebekfast Jul 31, 2016
I'm going to be very critical. This is not that great. The author used than rather than "then". Another problem I have with the story is it is was to damn fast pace. There really isn't a pause in the story, it's just one thing directly after another.
can u use full stops (periods) more? i was confused on when the sentences ended