Marienne: The Blade Maiden (Scourge of Sherwood, Book One)

Marienne: The Blade Maiden (Scourge of Sherwood, Book One)

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Megan Applegate By meganapplegate Updated Jul 01, 2016

Marienne Tornour is a young woman with a noble pedigree, a scheming stepsister, and the mother of all undead infestations at her doorstep in Sherwood Forest.

Despite the stacks and stacks of dead neighbors to burn each day (not to mention the nightly visits from the vile creatures themselves to fend off), Marienne finds herself unable to escape the intrigues of the British royalty or the attentions of one insistent nobleman whose father lords over Nottingham with an iron fist.

But it's that Locksley fellow who catches her eye--the one who has the hardened gaze of a battle-tested warrior under his devil-may-care attitude. Just what is he up to when he disappears from gatherings in the blink of an eye? Is he somehow linked to the vigilante defender of the shire she keeps hearing stories about?

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