Last One Standing ~ (TWD Daryl Dixon)

Last One Standing ~ (TWD Daryl Dixon)

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  When the outbreak came and the dead walked Jo and her family made a promise to one another to survive. It was months of moving from place to place doing whatever was necessary to stay alive. The months of running have done nothing but take the people Jo loved. Now all that's left are her and her sister and it's up to her to keep them both safe.  
  When her sister becomes ill they are picked up by a group who claim to want to help them. Their leader, Rick, was a police officer and refuses to leave them behind. The others are eager to welcome them into the fold but Jo finds herself holding back. The longer she stays with the group the closer she finds herself coming to Daryl in particular. Jo wants desperately to keep her and her sister safe but trust is not something easily earned or given in this new world. And Jo will be forced to learn the hard way it's not just the dead that should be feared. 

  I don't own/have any rights to TWD or its characters, scenes etc. Just my new characters. I have changed a few things, but tried to stay true to the original characters. There are a lot of original scenes as I work Jo into the world of the walking dead. This story starts in season one and will follow the storyline all the way through. 

I update often, usually every three to four days.

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