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The Infamy of Frank Iero (frerard)

The Infamy of Frank Iero (frerard)

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Cat By iamcatastrophic Completed

"Oh, it's you, the sad boy."

People know Frank Iero, they all use his name in vain. Well, not his name, per se. It's more like his alias. Fun Ghoul is what people most commonly know him as. His infamy reins on with every life he takes. A small boy becomes the next prey of Frank, a boy who just wants to wear skirts and play with stuffed animals. Just a boy who has a sad life that doesn't cower in the presence of Frank Iero.

smol_bean_jishua smol_bean_jishua 4 days ago
If mikey gets hurt at all in this I will pull out my own teeth
smol_bean_jishua smol_bean_jishua 5 days ago
That time I was being a stay I baby sitter for three days and I'd just got dapgo with my Christmas money and one of the kind thrOWS IT
LunaCarpe LunaCarpe 3 days ago
I feel like Gee's gonna be like "um, excuse me, that's rude"
smol_bean_jishua smol_bean_jishua 4 days ago
My mum just shoves cakes if soap in our mouths. I'm not kidding.
That book gave me so many mixed emotions.......but I don't regret reading it
iiMadameFlawless iiMadameFlawless 5 days ago
idk whether or not to be happy that my queen is in this fic or to want to die