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"This is great. Almost like it was fate"...

When Shelby finally decides to grow up and move out of her parents house, she goes to Washington to live with her cousin Ross and his roommates, but most importantly, Max. When she gets there, everything seems normal until Max starts acting really wierd. This upsets her until she finds out Max is in love with her. As their romance blooms, they have bigger problems, Shelby's ex, Tyler. One question remains: was it that fate that Shelby came?
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Everything in this book is original and mine unless I say otherwise

Gorgeous cover by @KinkyJawx

Thanks to @Chaotic_Stars for the inspiration 

I love you guys!

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Listenkitty Listenkitty Sep 18, 2016
I love that.
                              Max: I do not like Shelby!
                              Ross: yes you do!
                              Max: Ross
                              Ross: Yeh?
                              Max: I think I like Shelby... 0.0
the_blue_alpaca the_blue_alpaca Nov 12, 2016
Ok no joke I should just stop commenting but 
                              Touched what first? 😂😏
NattyLovesStories NattyLovesStories Aug 31, 2016
she's not  moving out on her own, she's moving in with her cousin and his roomates
Lil_Bluuberry Lil_Bluuberry Jul 25, 2016
if this ends bad💔 but if not then 💕❤💗💘💚💛💜💍🎆😍😏😁😂🙂😌🌈✔✅☑:);)
XGamerGirlX123 XGamerGirlX123 Jan 26, 2017
I LOVE THIS CHAPTER! I screamed and my mom came to see what happened, all I said was "CANON!", she looked clueless, then walked away