Because of you I'm...-A Gaurance Fanfic

Because of you I'm...-A Gaurance Fanfic

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[{Warning: Contains sexual content, swearing, mature content. Boy x Boy. So if you don't like any thing like that, DO NOT READ.}]

Black. White. Green. Blue. Black. White. Green. Blue.

I barely remember my childhood. All I remember is finding out what was wrong with me when I turned thirteen. I was called out for it. White. Black. White. Black. My school believed I was my father. Then they found out I wasn't. My brothers were meant to look up to me as a strong individual, but instead I ended up looking to them. I never told my family what was wrong with me throughout my life. I never dated for I was afraid of what people would say. Eventually, I grew up. I met a man. Green. White. Green. He made me feel as if what I believed was wrong with me was okay.

My whole life I'd been lying. I believed that I needed to be what society wanted. I thought I knew what love was. I smiled with what I thought was genuine. Girls looked at me as if I was their soulmate. And some days I would think that maybe they were. However, I was wrong. In my youth I was the popular boy and I wanted it to remain that way, so I'd date girl after girl after girl. I was a dumbass back then. I grew up and for the first time my life wasn't based on lies. I met a man. Blue. White. Blue. He made me believe I was lying when it was the truth. He made me feel something I thought I already knew...

"....Because of you I'm....."
This is a Gaurance/Laurroth fanfiction.
I do not own any art put in here (on the cover)unless I say by me. Thank you Aphmau for the story and the characters that inspired this fanfic. I'm shipping the characters Garroth and Laurance, not TheDragonHat and Seb okay?! Ahem... I'm sorry Aph , Seb or Andy if you read this by any chance it needed to be done. jk it didn't but still.

Story written by TheUnheardWriter.

I'm aph and My bff James is Laurence 😂😂😂😂 and that's our life😂
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Garroth. Seriously. Dude. Dude. You don't ask, 'What could go wrong?' You just don't.
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