Book 2 (Vampire) - The Descendant(Completed) (GirlxGirl) (Futanari)

Book 2 (Vampire) - The Descendant(Completed) (GirlxGirl) (Futanari)

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Jacqueline Dohim By JacquelineDohim Completed

This is a sequel for (THE PRINCESS'S BRIDE) 

Formerly known as (That Vampire who owns my heart) 

Selene Caralia Akeldama is back!

After 10 years of Soleria's death, Thana and Essence know Cara will never be back to her normal self, unless, she found another mate. After few times of unresponsive conversation with their daughter, Thana and Essence let it go and presume their duty as the ruler. 

One day, the royal family was invited to a festival, being held in one of the neighbouring kingdom, the Amador Kingdom, famous for its ruthless vampire warrior and talented wizards and witches. Like always, Cara decided not to followed her parents and grandparents to any festival. 

But after series of coaxing by Kharis, Cara agreed. Without their granddaughter awareness, Kora and Kharis actually planned the whole thing and wanted to introduce Cara to the Amador princess, Princess Volturia. 

Meanwhile, on other side of the realm, Selene, the Moon Goddess was preparing herself for the prophecy that she seen many years ago. She can feel a great force of evil trying to attack the whole world and destroyed the good. 

Selene have been blaming Satan for the imbalance of soul. And she's ready to attack Satan's realm but something happen to Selene that caused her to reached out for Cara, her descendent. 

What happen to Selene?

Will Cara opened her heart again for new love?

Will they all succeed bringing the balance to the world once more?

Read to find out. 


This story consist of lesbian (GirlxGirl) action, vulgar words, and graphical scene. Be open minded and enjoy.

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zarrianyrie zarrianyrie Aug 20
Voltaria and Volturia is to different people?? Or you getting the names mixed up??
Wait what about essence?
                              (I did read the first book isn't essence a werewolf? )
CatrevaDeveaux CatrevaDeveaux Jul 23, 2016
I hope voltaria marries cara and doesn't allow her parents to have the power they want
SparkWest SparkWest Jun 30, 2016
Uhmmm whos aurora...who was the mate who died for one of thanas friends? Whats her name again?
shilyte shilyte Oct 17, 2016
seems like the beginning of a good story but it needs to be edited rather badly.
YhloSinn YhloSinn Jun 30, 2016
Im finally here. Its 8:06 am and i havent had any sleep but that fine, thats good. ima finish this book then sleep<<prep talk>> 😭