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Taelien52 By km-kth112 Updated Jan 12

Jimin wanted a pet for his birthday but instead got a grumpy hybrid. When Yoongi gets into heat, Jimin has no idea of what to do.

Yoonmin short smut story

AnAwesomeLeo AnAwesomeLeo Dec 20, 2016
I would honestly run away too if my mom bought me a person too...or someone that looked like a human at first glance
YouAintHaveJams YouAintHaveJams Jul 23, 2016
Then it is also my bday omg eomma gimme some of that hybrid!
YouAintHaveJams YouAintHaveJams Oct 15, 2016
It probably meant that My 2nd birthday is nearing that time too
yayared0123 yayared0123 Dec 04, 2016
bruh, fr tho. if yoongi showed up at my doorstep for my 15th birthday, WOO HOO HOO GUESS WHOS GETTIN BUSY TONIGHT