Corny Jameson (#Wattys2016)

Corny Jameson (#Wattys2016)

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Phoebe Dolan By Lunagust Completed

Cover by @FlowerOfCamelis

Margaret Anderson had suffered when she was six. Her best friend had moved away. Although it took her awhile to get back in the usual routine of her life, she eventually got over it. He still crosses her mind every so often, and she wonders what he could have become. 

All her answers will be answered because he moves back across the street eleven years later. The bad thing is, he doesn't remember her.   
Corny Jameson was torn when his family moved away. He'd miss his best friend, his house, and the secret spot he always went to. Although they moved, he always moved forward with his life, not liking to hang onto the past. So, he moves on fairly quickly. 

Eleven years later, he moves back to his old house across the street from Margaret. He assumes she's moved out because of how different this girl looks. The first day they talk sends a wave of déja vu through him.


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Crazyforya1 Crazyforya1 Jul 18, 2017
If he had done that to me then he'd be answering to my mother
Ineffableex Ineffableex Dec 10, 2017
I always sit in the back it's the best place to sit so I can observe everything going on ;)
ShawnFrickinMendes ShawnFrickinMendes Jul 24, 2017
In my school we just sit wherever and that becomes the seating arrangement for the year, I usually sit at the back, especially in maths where I nap lol
annathepanda23 annathepanda23 Dec 20, 2016
If I was her I so would have beat him right there my phones my baby
alizaelemus alizaelemus Jul 30, 2016
Oh my gosh this is so sweet...I already can tell I'm going to love it. Thanks for the book.😊😊
Danisarus_Rex Danisarus_Rex Dec 31, 2016
ICARLY, Please tell me she plays bag pipes, has red hair, and an obsession with Randy  Jackson