Daniel Howell Smut/Imagines

Daniel Howell Smut/Imagines

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Rock in Paradise By philsfrostyeyelash Updated 4 days ago

Yes, this book contains smuts and imagines for the one and only Daniel Howell(danisnotonfire). If you are under the age of 16-17, do NOT read. 

(I may sneak in a few Phan smuts ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )


I am no longer taking requests. Please do not use my imagines/smuts without my permission. Thank you!

Copyright © Septiplier_Shipper_ (philsfrostyeyelash) 2016-

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KACrocker KACrocker 4 days ago
*goes against the grain and starts playing twenty one pilots 0-0*
unique_Howell unique_Howell a day ago
You can't put the twenty one pilots sign after that intense moment
Deep_Ending Deep_Ending 5 days ago
Phil I'm so sorry. I really hope you went to a friend's house or something.... I really hope you aren't curled up in a corner waiting for the noises to stop
-starshook- -starshook- a day ago
one part of me says “poor Phil” another part says “BAHAHAHAHA” the last part is just awkwardly standing there like “threesome?”
ash_and_dust ash_and_dust a day ago
literally i keep thinking of wreck it ralph when they keep talking about his large hands
odeto_phan odeto_phan 7 hours ago
I tried reading straight fanfics but I can't it's so weird now.