Whispering Hearts

Whispering Hearts

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Kat By katmadison Completed

The third sequel to SSU...

Cathy and Brent haven't seen or talked to each other in five years. Both living as successful adults, they are busy with their lives, yet can't seem to stop their memories of each other which are still engraved deeply in their hearts. 

Brent once made a passionate vow before they broke up that Cathy seemed to have forgotten until they happen to cross paths...

  • interracial
  • true-love
melliemel4ever melliemel4ever Jul 20, 2016
That's offensive it's not like she's a prostitute - she's just as successful as him. And. I don't even know where to start about that whole frizzy hair thing…
AkirraRaheem AkirraRaheem Nov 28, 2015
If it was Brent she was dating she would have slap the crap out of him
Leathergirl14 Leathergirl14 Oct 09, 2015
Cat get some dick. It will relax you and you can get the job done.
loveslove loveslove Apr 06, 2015
brent TV won't have any trouble breaking up this relationship
loveslove loveslove Apr 06, 2015
watch a thing! smh. I tolf you lee to find someone else. maybr anna will br it for you but that seems wrong since dhe reminds you of cathy
WRGoode WRGoode Aug 30, 2013
well can I at least hope for Jason to be caught in a compromising position with a prostitute from Bankok, at least?