Love & Tea Bags

Love & Tea Bags

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C F White By CFWhiteUK Updated 4 days ago

Mark Johnson is stuck in a rut. 

He's had the same boring office job for ten years, without the motivation or inclination to change it. The same crumbling house for ten years, without the cash or the know how to fix it. And the same facebook status for five years; it's complicated. It isn't. He's single. He just doesn't want to correct it. That would be admitting defeat.

It is the day a tea bag splats onto his face whilst emptying the dregs of his morning cuppa at Macy's Tea Shoppe that makes him question each of his current life choices. 

The tea bag and the fact that the shop is now owned by one rather friendly, rather hunky Aussie named Bradley Summers. 

Tea never tasted so good.

The sarcasm in this paragraph us beautifully written 👏👏👏👏 bravo author!
This chapter is starting off very interesting as your other stories I have read. You are an awesome writer, but I guess you have probably heard this before. I already love both Mark and Brad plus Macy.
redfae redfae Sep 28
A lot :) although, in the East we are still enjoying the summer.  I've risked not taking a coat to work for a few weeks now...
Macy isn't even here, isn't she. Kill me. I feel embarassed already.
Yes, I'm reading the workman's dialogue in Irish accent, 10x better.
82736G 82736G Nov 02
At least it's consistent. 😅 In Melbourne last week it was nearly 30 degrees and sunny one day and then 14 degrees and miserable the next day.  The weather here is so bipolar 😛