Ellucid (Ellucid #1) ★

Ellucid (Ellucid #1) ★

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Selena Brooks By selena_brooks Updated 3 days ago

Gabi, an aspiring fashion designer, sees her world in colors.  Scarlet, turquoise, and mauve coat a new world of controlled visions when, in an attempt to connect with her absent oneirologist father, she reads a book about lucid dreaming.  But she isn't the only one with the power to manipulate dreams, and soon she becomes entangled in a battle between two factions in New York City.  

The more she tries to sort out who will betray her and who she can trust, the deeper she falls into what is all an illusion.  Reality isn't what it seems, there's no distinguishment between sleeping and waking, and soon her own mind doesn't belong to her anymore.  

If she doesn't separate what's real and what's a dream-if she doesn't learn to control the tattoo unfurling on the back of her neck-she'll go insane.  Her only clues are a door that seems to exist only in her brain and a dazed girl's messy sketches; her only affirmation is the belief that her best friend isn't the traitor he's become.

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iceecream456 iceecream456 6 days ago
simzzz88 simzzz88 Mar 09, 2017
I know how annoying it can be when people keep telling you that you resemble a celeb. Ugh..
alysa_jordin alysa_jordin Jul 30, 2016
After long last, I finally forced myself away from Paper Flowers, and read the first two chapters of this. I love the mystery and fantasy you've got going on, you normally don't do that. I can't wait to read more!
HijackTheHype HijackTheHype Jun 23, 2016
I love it so far!!!! I think you are gonna do great as an action writer!!! I cent wait for more!!! 😁
HijackTheHype HijackTheHype Jul 14, 2016
I love this start it's got sooo much potential I can't wait to see where you will take it!
Parijatha Parijatha Nov 08, 2016
Tropical beach sunset sometimes is not as romantic as its sound. Although its not everyday, but tropical is equal with hot weather. Trust me... I live with it everyday. ( -: