A tryst with destiny (Tales of a Gutsy Ninja - 2)

A tryst with destiny (Tales of a Gutsy Ninja - 2)

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Ryuugamine Aira has gotten used to life in the Naruto world but pressure builds up since the countdown to the Fourth Great Shinobi War has started. Aira's aim is simple - with the use of her knowledge of the Naruto world, she intends to stack all odds in favour of the allied shinobi nations.

But in the tumultuous world of ninjas, will she survive long enough to put her plans into action?

The story of the 'Strategist from the heaven' continues as she strives to live up to Jiraiya's book, Tales of a Gutsy Ninja.

* * * * *

Status of 'Tales of a gutsy ninja series' :

Book 1 : The tides of change (COMPLETED)

Book 2 : A tryst with destiny (COMPLETED)

Book 3 : Strategist from the heavens (ongoing)

* * * * *

A/N:  All characters except Aira belong to Masashi Kishimoto. Basic knowledge of 'Naruto world' is required to understand the story. This story shows a battle of wits and valor with the backdrop of the all too familiar Naruto plotline. So without any further delay...happy reading;)

  • akatsuki
  • gaara
  • itachi
  • jinchuriki
  • kabuto
  • kakashi
  • konoha
  • madara
  • naruto
  • obito
Happy Hunger Games! May the odds be forever in your favor!
                              Or something like that?
Tsukino_Shimizu Tsukino_Shimizu Nov 27, 2017
I can just imagine how like at the end of an episode where this dramatic pause where she is walking away, hooh  😆
Alex_Is_Unknown Alex_Is_Unknown Aug 02, 2017
I don't hate aire but the bitch don't know how to stfu. Just hear him out... Damn
kai_inuzuka kai_inuzuka Feb 25, 2017
DEIDARA BETTER NOT FÜCKING DIE OR SO HELP ME *I basically explain a gory death to Gaara*
AsunaXI AsunaXI Mar 05, 2017
Still tryna find out how to pronounce is
                              Or Air-ah(air as in the elemnt)
KittehVader KittehVader Feb 26, 2017
Oi. You're stealing Sasuke's lines, Aira. Granted, a vast number of which he's stolen from Kakashi... hehe