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Angel Earnshaw By angl_ernshw Completed

Damian Wayne doesn't understand all this fuss about falling in love. 

In fact, it's annoying him. All the girls at school keep bothering him, but they're all pretentious and shallow. At home, it's not any better. Children keep running around and interrupting him whenever he's busy with something. 

When a peculiar girl with a mysterious past comes into their life, Damian is thankful for the distraction. She is quiet, and she doesn't annoy him like everyone else. But she also seems to have her own demons, and for the first time in his life, Damian has found someone who understands him. As they face the demons that haunt her, Damian is forced to face his own demons. And in the process, Damian finally begins to understand what his brothers are all feeling. 

II Book Three in the Shadows of the Night Trilogy II

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Maybe Bruce figures if he breaks a car might aswell be a Saab instead of an Exotic
Sadie2281 Sadie2281 Jun 03
Garnet? That's where her Red Hood heritage is coming into play
Okay so Edward is Dick's son?? If so why isn't his last name Grayson?
These are from the past stories yas you tide them all in it love u
Why the hell a Saab? He's a wayne! Should of been a Ferrari or a Lamborghini!! Come on
Bart:I'm holding your neck to prevent  you from getting whiplash.
                              Jaime: What?
                              Bart: WHIIIIPLAAAASHHH