Black as death, White as purity (Slenderman Love Story)

Black as death, White as purity (Slenderman Love Story)

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Rose By LaRose966 Updated Jun 15, 2014

Elizabeth lived a normal life. Her family and her were very close but she always felt like her life was missing something. One day when she went with her sister into the woods, she saw HIM. 

In that moment both Elizabeth and Slenderman knew...they were meant to be together...

...for all eternity...

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Yukon12 Yukon12 Jul 17, 2016
I would be the one to give him a hug it just happens when I see a sad face because I know how it fells to be sad and let alone so I would make shure no one has to fells that pain t know every one in the world any get a hug from me but it takes one person to change the future
DreamlessNarwhale DreamlessNarwhale Apr 29, 2016
He Usally uses telapathy to communicate (sry if I spelled it wrong)
Yukon12 Yukon12 Jul 17, 2016
It's gonna happen and when it does all those zombies movies and learning about them will come in handy watch all those jokers get killed in the 2hours it starts watch
- - Jun 19, 2016
. . . Smoking no good ☹️ I took D.A.R.E and G.R.E.A.T programs, it's stuck in my head
KaylynGuerra KaylynGuerra Dec 10, 2016
Omg he is just like me i have a bag ready with all of the supplies my mom thinks im weird but your never to sure and when i got to school i bring 5 bottles of water and 4 pair of clothes and 1 or 2 caned food and also a pocket nife with a hunting knife😊
- - Jun 19, 2016
*chokes* s-swee --- *dies*
                              That was way too sweet EVEN FOR ME