Complicated || Suga ||

Complicated || Suga ||

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(ノ^∇^) By foodnbts Completed

A girl wanted to stay but ran away. A guy wanted to run away but stayed. Their lives changed the moment they met each other for the better but they refused to accept this. Worst part is that they are falling for each other. Would they accept each other or was life too complicated for them to handle? A suga x reader fanfic 

Disclaimer: Everything in this story is purely fiction and all the characters and plot in the book are from my imagination, except for the BTS members of course!

Author's Note
Hey guys this is my first fanfiction so I apologise if its crap. Thank You!!

started: 23 June 2016
ended: 18 July 2017

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anokidd anokidd Oct 05
Why is she sitting beside someone when there are only 5 people? Lol
 #relatable BTS saved me from Suicide ❤ I'm very grateful to them
Damn My dad slaps me too with a belt and scissors and I love to dance and sing and watch fancams and read
CarlJames19 CarlJames19 Sep 22
I kinda like his mint hair it makes him look cool.😎😎😎
I'm loving this already, I've dealt with abuse but from my aunt awhile back. It's been a full year and I'm living with my Mom again and I'm happy 😊 life will always turn around just be Jhopefull and do your best! Aja Aja FIGHTING
issabadlife issabadlife Jul 10
- scream '& shout . '& let it all out . we're saying " oh way oh- . i'll stop ...