Virgin Lessons

Virgin Lessons

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Satanharold By SatanHarold Updated Dec 25, 2016

"See, I know this new to you but this is nothing to be ashamed of. This is not anything personal between us." He took off his shades and looked at me. "Just be yourself, you know."

"I... um..." This is awkward. Never even in my wildest dream I ever imagined that someday I'd be talking 'virgin lessons' from Caleb Aurora. The school's heart throb. 

"So I pick I'll pick you at 4?" A smirk played on his lips. Oh my god. So, we are actually gonna do this. With him. 

"Okay." What did I get myself into?

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I would have tackle my friend to the floor, bitch slapped her a few times, and then not talk to her for the rest of the week if she did that. And of course I would tackle her before she could say anything.
MirrorChan196 MirrorChan196 Dec 23, 2016
Where the hell did you find 2 girls 1 cup, I really doubt it's on anything like PornHub, XXvideos, or Redtube. It took me a while to find it cuz someone dared me to watch it…that sh!t is messed up
I would've been gone and dropped her ass. We ain't friends anymore
sridevixx sridevixx Sep 03, 2016
what exactly do you type in your search engine for that picture? It's hilarious
my friends when I say I don't want a relationship.... but I'm asexual so... HA HA jokes on them :3