Honor Among Thieves // Young!Sam Drake + Reader (Uncharted)

Honor Among Thieves // Young!Sam Drake + Reader (Uncharted)

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So the joke goes, a teenager sneaks out of their parents' house to go to a party. Why? No one knows the specifics, not even the teenager. But this teen is trying to give life - a fun life - a shot.

The punchline is, that someone else is helping call the shots.


Young!Sam Drake/Reader (unspecified gender)

a self-indulgent fic because idk why not

  • angst
  • drinking
  • kleptomania
  • samdrake
  • smoking
  • teenageidiots
  • uncharted
  • uncharted4
PansLostGirl17 PansLostGirl17 Mar 10, 2017
I'm glad you included this because sam and Nate were in the catholic orphanage
- - Oct 30, 2016
What's worse than being murdered or forced to listen to Justin Bieber? Pirate Puns. The worst kind!
Everlasting_Books Everlasting_Books Jul 15, 2016
lol, I love how the worse thing that can happen when he finds me is that he will tell me more shitty pirate jokes xD.