Honor Among Thieves // Young!Sam Drake + Reader (Uncharted)

Honor Among Thieves // Young!Sam Drake + Reader (Uncharted)

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So the joke goes, a teenager sneaks out of their parents' house to go to a party. Why? No one knows the specifics, not even the teenager. But this teen is trying to give life - a fun life - a shot.

The punchline is, that someone else is helping call the shots.


Young!Sam Drake/Reader (unspecified gender)

a self-indulgent fic because idk why not

  • angst
  • drinking
  • kleptomania
  • samdrake
  • smoking
  • teenageidiots
  • uncharted
  • uncharted4
I'm glad you included this because sam and Nate were in the catholic orphanage
EnigmaNova EnigmaNova Oct 30, 2016
What's worse than being murdered or forced to listen to Justin Bieber? Pirate Puns. The worst kind!
Everlasting_Books Everlasting_Books Jul 15, 2016
lol, I love how the worse thing that can happen when he finds me is that he will tell me more shitty pirate jokes xD.